CS Conversion Programme List

...a list of all available Computer Science Conversion Programmes

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| What is a Computer Science Conversion Programme?

Computer Science Conversion Programmes do not require any significant prior knowledge in Computer Science and are a launchpad to learn all about it. They generally target undergrads and young professionals that want to emerge themselves in Computer Science after having studied or work in a field unrelated to Computer Science. Of course, Computer Science Conversion Programmes are just one option among the numerous ways to learn about computer science & programming.

| Why this list?

When I was researching for different Computer Science Conversion Programmes I wished there would have been a list of all available Computer Science Conversion Programmes. That is why, I have created this list that includes every available CS Conversion Programme. If you have a question or input please feel free to reach out to me or talk to me anytime. I am happy to help you finding the most suitable programme.

| Do you know any other programmes?

While this list is very comprehensive, the chances are high that I missed a programme or two, so your help is appreciated. If you know a programme that is not on the list, please add the missing programme via this form.